Saturn Rules (Sound Clip1)

Saturn Rules (Sound Clip2)

Open System (Sound Clip1)

Stasis (Sound Clip1)

Stasis (Sound Clip2)

Stasis (Sound Clip3)

Fuzzy Set (Sound Clip1)

Fuzzy Set (Sound Clip2)

Fuzzy Set (Sound Clip3)

Independence Day (Sound Clip1)

Independence Day (Sound Clip2)

Planets Round (Sound Clip1)

Planets Round (Sound Clip2)

Planets Round (Sound Clip3)

Z The Void is the brainchild of solo artist musician, composer, and technophile Zane Edge who lives in Atlanta Georgia, USA. An avid enthusiast of old/vintage sound and musical electronics, Zane has an impressive collection of inoperable equipment. Zane finds recording time when he is not repairing or tinkering with his gear.

The album Planets Round is a collection of intense category-defying instrumentals. Fans say they hear definite influences from classic King Crimson, Pink Floyd, and The Moody Blues. The six songs on this CD unfold like a musical storybook with contrasting moments of tension, release, restraint, and surprise. Sound clips consisting of the opening two minutes of each track serve only to provide a mere glimpse of what lies ahead.

Some of the musical content of Z The Void is inspired by experimentation with computer-generated music created from mathematical algorithms. This work explores the possible sonic parallels to the amazing visual geometry discovered by Mandelbrot and others. The second Z The Void CD is already underway and will include more interesting material from this experimentation.

CD: "Planets Round"